Open in Rdio Firefox add-on

Last week my friend Idan released a Chrome extension to fix a small issue I believe many users of Rdio have when using their Mac or Windows application. Despite the fact that the app is essentially a window chrome for their website it sadly doesn’t provide a way to automatically open links that you ...

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I’m pleased to announce – a site where you can check whether your Python project is compatible with Python 3.

Simply enter a project name or a public URL of a pip requirements files in the field on the frontpage and off you go. Optionally you can also enter a comma separated list ...

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Python on wheels. It’s there, it kinda works, and it’s probably worth your time.

—Armin “mitsuhiko” Ronacher in Python on Wheels

Embedding external content in reStructuredText

As part of my endeavors as an Open Source developer and particular as a Python developer I spent most of my time writing documentation in a formatting language called reStructuredText. It’s a neat language originally developed for docutils to be used in Python “docstrings”. Later when Python’s own documentation was in a need ...

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